Welcome to the Vertue 61 blog


A Dutch steel Laurent Giles Vertue from 1954, built by Hitters Proost in Den Bosch.

One of only three built in steel, with a mahogany cabin. Here follows an  account of my experiences, trials, voyages and repairs of this classic 60 year old pedigree yacht.


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16 Responses to Welcome to the Vertue 61 blog

  1. Alden Smith says:

    Hi Ben,

    I love the Laurent Giles Vertue and are close to purchasing one myself. I currently have a 30 foot (9 metre) sloop that I built here in New Zealand back in the 1970s – So I am a bit of a sailing nut.

    From my research I found out that there was a steel Vertue that had been built in The Netherlands and quite by chance (Via the ‘Drumler’ website I have found it!

    I am guessing (without having read your whole website) that you have or are in the process of doing a restoration? – although from the photograph of her moored she looks in very good condition.

    I smiled when I viewed your video – you are obviously a very proud owner – and why not? I feel the same about my own little boat.

    Are you a Dutch National? Your written English is excellent.

    Kind regards – Alden Smith Whangarei New Zealand – aldensmith@xtra.co.nz


  2. Alden Smith says:


    I think you have done a great job repairing your Vertue. I am a yacht owner / builder from New Zealand so I know how difficult these jobs can be. You have done well.

    I have read a lot about the self steering abilities of the Vertue and your little seems to prove it.

    KInd Regards – Alden Smith


  3. Alden Smith says:

    Come on Ben, time to do a bit of sailing and Blog about it, doesn’t have to be too far, negotiating those huge ice bergs in the Ijselmeer will do just fine.


  4. Gianni Adis says:

    the vertue who is for sale ad Amsterdam with name CHACARA what number is?


  5. Giancarlo says:

    Hi Ben
    I am a laurent Giles 30 f owner built in England in 1965 ( Tesse ).
    I am curius of your gallow boom.Is it folding or removable?
    Very beatiful your vertue
    KInd Regards Giancarlo


  6. vertueal says:

    Hello Giancarlo, Your boat is a Wanderer? my boom gallows is on telescopic legs, it will drop to just above the tiller, seems to be a lot of interest in Italy for these boats ? best regards Ben


    • giancarlo says:

      Hello Ben,

      My boat is not a Wander. My boat was the first class Tesse boat that has been built, consequently the specific name of the boat is also Tesse. As far as I know there are only three Tesse class boats. My boat is a Sloop with a boomed jib.
      In Italy there are only a few small boats like Tesse or Vertue. Honestly here there is more interest for large boats.
      I’d like to equip my boat with spryhood and with boom gallows.I understand that this is a difficult combination because the boom has to be free both from the gallow and from the spryhood. This is why I was interested in your boat and in your equipment.

      Kind regards,



      • vertueal says:

        That’s interesting, can find no pictures or details of the Tesse class, would be interested to see a picture of yours? regarding the boom gallows it is a little compromised because the boom hits the spray hood first and the gallows are therefore about 6 inches too low, solution is tricky as if I make the legs longer then it won’t retract far enough, can alway fold the sprayhood first.


      • gborzo@libero.it says:

        I send a few pictures of Tesse and the article Giancarlo


      • giovanni says:

        Ciao Giancarlo sono Giovanni e possiedo una Giles Vertue del 63 Varna.
        Ho letto di recente il tuo post sul sito di Vertue 61 relativo allo spray wood e volevo sapere se lo hai poi montato e dove lo hai acquistato .
        Grazie per la risposta.


      • vertueal says:

        Hello Giovanni,
        My Italian is not very good, I think your asking where I got the sprayhood?
        It was on the boat when I bought it, apparently it was difficult to find a sailmaker who would make it, I preffer to sail with it down as it makes entering the cabin awkward.
        Would love to see a picture of your boat and hear of your experiances. Greetings Ben


      • g.vandelli says:

        Dear BenThanks for your reply. I will take your suggestion and I ll forget about it .Sure I ll send you some  photos of Varna.Keep in touch.Gio 

        Inviato dal mio dispositivo Samsung


  7. Giancarlo says:

    In the Book of Adrian Lee and Ruby Philpott (titled Laurent Giles an evolution of yacht design) there is a list of famous classes (like wanderer and vertue). The book appendix includes 850 projects designed by Giles from 1929 to 1981. Tesse TS1 is N 499 , Timari TS2 is N 597and Faggioli is N 664. Vertue 61 (N 226) is also cited.
    In 1966 Yachting Montly published an interesting description of Tesse, which was about what the owner required for his new yacht. The final part of the article nicely reports how the crew was really enthusiastic for the presence of Mr Giles on board during testing sail from Lowestof to Bridlincton. On that occasion Mr Giles expressed a cautious approval. For those who knew him, this was probably his most enthusiastic expression.
    I bought Tesse from Robin Huber in Spain about ten years ago. After a very long restoration Tesse is again on the sea near Livorno.
    The hull plank is iroko, mast and boom are in spruce.
    I send the article and a few pictures of Tesse


  8. vertueal says:

    There’s another book I need to find, that’s very interesting, would like to feature the info and pictures of your boat on this blog, if thats alright?


  9. Giancarlo says:

    Ies thank you, although the photocopies are vintage also


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