Sails and Bilges


Interesting Dutch poster celebrating Dutch Anglo Treaty of 1814, new revised version to follow?

With the uncertainty over our trade relation with the UK I thought it a good time to get a nice set of  sails made in the UK before the terms may be changed, not to mention the low pound. Having been reasonably happy with the old set, as it was very difficult to judge the shape of them from below, did notice I wasn’t  pointing high enough on the wind, and on closer examination from photos I discovered that although my mainsail appeared nice and flat in the lower panels the depth of the round in the top half was huge and the leech hung a long way out of line  when the sail was fully in!!

img-20160727-wa0009The shadow on the sail demonstrates my point

Note the shadow on the sail, it should be a nice shallow aerofoil curve


V 35 with narrow panel sails

After receiving 6 quotes from diverse sail lofts in the UK and NL decided on a well-known sail loft in Poole UK, I have had several sets of sails from them for previous boats, and have always been happy with both the price and the quality and it’s  tax free!

dsc01895 classic-sailing

The build quality and materials of new sails is vastly superior to the older cotton versions, but one of the big differences is in appearance is  the width of the panels being much wider at around 24 inch, however for not much extra you can have your sails built up out of narrow panels and in cream cloth which having studied countless pictures on the internet really does look stunning, although its ‘debatable whether it is actually better or not, to my mind if you spread the form of the rounding over more seams you are decreasing the stress’s in the sail, although the expected stretch is only in the diagonal direction, if you look at the classic racing yachts many have opted for this combination, don’t think I’ll be racing at Cannes though!


Cannes Royal Regatta

Decisions made and ordered one mainsail and two foresails staysail and working jib ( Genoa will have to wait), sails should last me 20+ years, guess the old set was at least 30 yrs old, looking forward to seeing the finished sails and fitting them .


Freshly painted chain box, 37mtr of chain checked and marked every 10mtr with cable ties.


Some extra primer applied to the orignal paint wher the water had collected under the chain box.



fully painted in Grey Danbolin bilge paint

Further despite some quite low temperatures here have been working on the bilges painting, and interior doors have been scraped clean of sixty yrs build-up of old varnish, ready for some fresh stuff.



Tricky painting out the main bilge.


few coats of primer over some concrete in the bottom.


Time consuming stripping these interiors doors!!


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