Hitters Proost website

Had an email this week from Thijs Hitters to inform me that there is now a website over the yacht builders Hitters Proost full of lots of details over the history of their yacht building etc and it has also revealed a few photos what is very likely to be  my boat being built, which I’m delighted about.

http://www.hitters-proost.nl   ( it’s all in Dutch, Google translate)

Lightly built angle steel frames, ready to be plated up.

Clad with the  3mm steel plating, followed by sand blasting and hot galvanizing.

My boat was built-in steel by them in 1954 no 61  for a Doctor Huizinga followed by a second in 1955 no 64 built for Mr de Jong, there is also a photo taken of de Jong on his way back for Lymington having one a race, brilliant !!


So Fong with de Jong at the helm in 1955

No 64 former So Fong

This boat has had a chequered history having been used for drugs smuggling under a slightly less honourable ownership, it is currently lying in Amsterdam, has not been rigged for sailing for some time.

There is also believed to be a third steel Vertue built by a different yard the whereabouts of this boat are unknown, anybody shed any light on that ?

Also read an article that spoke of an eccentric Dutch singlehander who regularly fell asleep sailing back from Norway, and ended up on a sandbank North of Holland, would love to know which of the three steel Vertues this was, may well have been the smuggler, anybody know about that ?

I stumbled recently upon a sales brochure from the 80’s Vertue II with a price list, makes interesting reading you could buy the hull and deck with keel for home finishing or the total finished boat was 37,995,00, or 24,495,00  pounds without the engine,  from Bossoms.

Also here is an interesting fairly recent article about Laurent Giles designs and his well-earned fame, from the Practical Boat Owner.



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