Vertue haul out!

After three seasons it was really was due time to have Virtue craned out to inspect and repaint the hull, I was also very intrigued to see if I had any under the water issues, as I had bought the boat four years earlier and she was already freshly antifouled which was great but you never know what was covered up before and whether enough priming coats were used on bare metal spots.

Crane poised ready to attack! ( max lifting weight 4 tons! Virtue 4.25 tons oops, hope it’s ok?)

no problem, just can’t extend very far.

Anyhow my fears were completely unfounded and after some perhaps over enthusiastic pressure cleaning revealing a few areas where the paint wasn’t well adhered the revealed metal work seemed very solid and rust free, and quite well impregnated with a tarry linseed oil surface of a remarkably well-preserved boat. Considering it had had three seasons there was really no shells and very little weed growth, next haul out I’ll certainly let it go for  four years.

Topsides was quite a task, the top layer of paint was really old maybe 20 yrs and had become quite porous, it had been patched countless times due to the crumbling oil based original filler layer on the bare metal, so a large number of tiny areas needed special treatment and about three had rust to be treated and re filled and primed a number of times, this was where most of the work was preparing the topsides and then re painting the entire above water with first pre-cote then full gloss, luckily we’ve had a good run of sustained sunny dry days which has been ideal!, so two weeks and 35 hours hard  work she’s ready to be re-launched in the coming week.


Name re-applied with vinyl stickers

It still amazes me how many hours are sucked up in maintaining this boat, it is a labour of love never the less,  I have a great respect for the evolution of yacht design and practicality of a low maintenance modern yacht, but I can’t say that many of them capture the imagination and romance of classic yacht all ready to put to sea.

Mast all ready very smart with the new crosstrees new halyards and varnish!

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3 Responses to Vertue haul out!

  1. Alden Smith says:

    You are right – a labour of love!! It is good there are still people around who are prepared to put in the work (and the love).

    …. and there is no doubt that a Vertue looks as good out of the water as in it!!!!!!


  2. Sonya says:

    nice finish, we just put our Vertue (V155) back in the water last week – she got lots of comments in the yard about her good looks


    • vertueal says:

      Thanks, yours look smart too, interestingly your transom is a completely different shape to mine, looks a lot narrower and it doensn’t tuck inwards at the bulwarks, Happy sailing gr from Holland Ben


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