Just add water.

Three weeks on the hard, considerable man hours I was ready to launch, and quite ready to be finally sailing again!

After painting the remaining contact points from the stand and the bottom of the keel with the boat suspended in the slings it was swiftly rotated round and lowered into the water. With great care we then craned in the mast with its new lines spreaders and shrouds, it took some time to sort the lines to the right side of the spreaders, thought I had set it up right, there is always a few lines that suddenly appear the wrong side of something!


Wow what a difference, and now the new mainsail, was a little concerned whether it would fit, I had ordered it having enlarged the size slightly as there was room on the boom and on the mast to take it, judged it just right and it pretty much spot on!

The sails have turned out to be a bit of a drama, I thought I’d got it all sorted back in December when I ordered them in the UK taking advantage of the low pound and tax-free import. The plan was to have the old style narrow cut panels in a cream cloth to complete the classic appearance, that was fine till I found they had added modern black camber lines across all the sails, was in the end easily sorted as I found they peeled off really easily and left no residue. The second problem having filled in the sizes on a comprehensive data sheet I was flabbergasted to find that the two foresails were nowhere near the sizes I had ordered in fact the staysail was 1.5 metre too long and considerably longer than the stay it was to be hoisted on, out of the six sides on two sails there wasn’t one side the correct length. The explanation was not very convincing from the sail maker, but they have agreed to make the sails I ordered and send them in another month.


Back to the main which after a provisional hoist sets nicely and look pretty good first impressions, just got to get used to the colour its somewhat more yellow than I anticipated, I did order cream, maybe they thought custard?

Well its mellow yellow from now on !!

Tack needs to be closer to the mast.

Following day there was a good breeze and it was delightful to have the first sail of the season, maybe I’m imagining it but there seems to be a little more power in the rig, boom is higher than I remembered , points better and tacks at 90 degrees, mission accomplished!! , now where that Schippers bitter!!

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