Ready for winter

Before you know it it’s ready to pull everything apart and put the boat away for the winter, not been the easiest of seasons to plan a cruise in, we had roughly a week in May and struggled to find a suitable week in August to get away on the boat. The entire month of August and September have been pretty poor this year with huge amounts of rain and wind and very unstable conditions for planning a nice family cruise.

At the beginning of the season I had hoped to hop over to the UK or even Denmark or something challenging but fraught with unsettled weather and very little free time from my busy antiques business, absence of weather windows have limited my sea hours, the one dry free day I got out on the water in September the wind died and it rained and the one dry day in October I got out to be hit by a sudden nearly 30kt squall !! which sent me scurrying off back to my harbour, sometimes the weather Gods are just not on your side, I don’t mind a blow but my new sail is not quite ready set up for reefing yet and before I give it a good thrashing I’d like to break it in slowly!

Racing on Wednesday evening

Donald as crew

life jackets are compulsory in races!

far from the madding crowd, lovely!!

I must say it remains a most empowering and enlivening hobby, when it’s not tedious frustrating and anxiety ridden. it is remarkable what a reviving and invigorating effect it has on the soul, give me a bit of sun and a good breeze, I come back a new man full of positivity over the world and delighted by its rich creation.

Now I have the mast tucked up in the mast store at Aalsmeer and the boat back and covered in front of my house where I can nip out at every opportunity and work in it under the covers.

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