The story so far

2014-06-12 15.32.47

I bought Vertue 61 called Virtue in late 2013, after a couple of years deliberating my requirements.

Had many other boats from a catamaran to high performance drastic plastics, now for a more stately cruising boat with an outstanding pedigree, what other than a Vertue, alright the Trintel 1 was a close runner-up as was the boats built by Kroes of Kampen.

In the end my choice  was dictated by the length of my mooring being barely 8mtr long in front of my house, all the contenders were longer, winter maintenance is so much easier when the boat is close by.


2014-06-12 15.32.47                                                           (Old next to new)

The new boat was actually only 30 cm longer but felt like it was at least 50% bigger, in fact it feels enormous in comparison. Really it is  a squashed 35 footer, and has the displacement of a much larger boat.

After measuring everything three times and refusing to believe it would fit in the box mooring of my last boat, I had to eat my hat because it fitted equally as well as my old boat.

My wife was keen for me to get a boat with acceptable living accommodation, so after showing her all the most luxury boats on the internet I went ahead and put a bid in for the fairly  primitive Vertue with the uncomfortable cockpit.

We both agreed that the cabin was  pretty darned cosy, and the patented Humfrey Barton gimbled table, probably swung the decision.


In perspective my last boat was charming but it was sitting room only inside and everything you needed was guaranteed to necessitate somebody getting up access a locker, so the vertue is a considerable trade up!

After a little haggling the deal was done and I’m the proud owner of a largely sound boat with dodgy cabin top but a very recent engine 2gm  Yanmar, and a good sound steel hull which later appears to be made from Corten steel.

The other thing was it had worked itself to the back of a large boat shed in Friesland( a two hour drive) due to not being in commission for two or three years, it was middle of June before I could get it launched when a hundred other boats had been moved.

Afbeelding 021

I wasn’t disappointed  in it on sailing it back to just below Amsterdam encountered  head winds south-west 6-7 so had to beat of a lee shore reefed, no worries pleasant trip, however it later got up to force 8 and just after lelystad lock it was then difficult even to motor into, which I hadn’t anticipated, untried boat force eight lee shore, noo not for me so a night in Lelystad, next day was better force 4 headwind!2014-06-05 17.06.40

After introducing the family to the virtues of the Vertue and a delightful two week cruise to Terschelling in the summer this year were extremely pleased with her, the cabin configuration all work superbly well and is very cosy, the beds looked narrow but are fine, cooking arrangements fit for purpose, performance at sea for a big heavy lump it is not always sluggish in fact it has been known to scurry along quite rapidly from time to time even comparing to much lighter more modern boats, what is remarkable though in what ever the weather inside it seems as tranquil as if it is force four, which suits my wife ideally .

Now to work on those wood repairs and getting rid of that awful brown varnish, watch this space !!!

20140522_172337 2014-07-04 13.27.29


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  1. Very nice Find! I am lucky, too, finding a ’61 Trintel1.


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