Good legs, bad ground!!

Good legs, bad ground!!


There is a golden rule to check out the ground at low water before drying out on it, I did with binoculars at dusk, however I missed noticing a small area of rocks and mud, surrounding the otherwise good hard sand, consequently I had the keel on hard rocks and a leg on with 14 inch’s mud under it, just glad she didn’t topple over, as it was just about everyone on the Island seemed to be smiling knowingly at me as I passed them, probably thinking what a silly nanna!

Won’t do that again! was comforted to read Hamiltons account of his boat falling over on two subsequent tides, but he was trying to prop up a five ton boat with a spinaker pole.

2014-06-06 10.22.37

She does actually steer herself in most conditions


2014-07-27 15.03.482014-07-26 20.25.20

Afbeelding 032 (1)Afbeelding 028Afbeelding 013Afbeelding 009Afbeelding 043

The 1995  Sail Amsterdam, under the previous owner.

IMG-20140720-WA0001 DSC_0709



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