Starboard side all glued up !

This week with the temperature reaching a heady 8 degrees, I can glue the pieces I’ve prepared, despite the force 9 gale of wind and rain raging outside my cover!

 2014-12-12 12.53.592014-12-12 12.54.05

And those tricky corners, after a dose of impregnating epoxy I’ve glued the wedges in and plugged the other holes, having re fixed the two piece with a countersunk stainless screw.

2014-12-12 12.54.39

Ok it still shows, still have to get to work with my dyes and brown umber!

 2014-12-12 12.54.20 (1)  The sanding  was not my favourite job but it all turned out pretty well considering the awkwardness of working under a cover .

2014-12-19 15.10.35 Now stained with walnut Crystals, perfect  match !!, now one protecting coat of primer, to fix the colour.

2014-12-19 15.31.13

Lovely mahogany


Now the hatch surround, having removed the outer frame ( patent Maurice Griffiths no leak hatch), the deck covered by the original canvas which appears to have been laid on top of brown paper, not glued, remarkably this is still intact after 60 yrs!, the corners have become rather porous and were letting moisture into the integrity of the cabin roof.

2014-12-19 09.43.23

Before sanding, brown paper visible in the forground.

I have sanded and impregnated the whole area with epoxy, preparing to lay a line of fibreglass tape to cover the whole area and safe guard the water channels between the two frames.

Just received my window surrounds back from being powder coated over the aluminium, delighted with the result, after having explored the possibility of chroming them, which wasn’t advisable over aluminium, the powder coating was the best option, two coats first chrome look and then transparent on top, usually this is applied to aluminium wheels, the effect is quite pleasing can’t wait to have them back on the finished cabin!

2014-11-27 11.08.52

Before tired corroded and rather dull

2014-12-18 11.09.15

All ten cleaned and coated twice, for less than ten euros each !!

2014-12-18 11.09.28

Ok it isn’t chrome, nor was it ever intended to be, they were hand-made for this one-off boat in aluminium in 1954!

2015-01-30 09.34.24

looks like chrome to me ?

2015-01-30 09.34.17


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