Laurent Giles legs

2014-11-30 10.09.20

When I purchased this boat it came with a brown envelope containing the original plans from Laurent Giles, and included was one sheet with drawings of a pair of timber beaching legs.

I seemed to remember that my father had an old pair of those kicking arround his log store, well bobs your uncle!, I managed to save them from the log stove, when I checked the measurements they appeared to be exactly the right size, very solid Pitch Pine and oak with rough threaded 3/4 inch turn screws, the screw sockets were welded into the substantial steel rubbing strake on the sides Whitworth threads are actually preferred for these sort of things as the thread is actually stronger than metric, being in the rubbing strip they don’t need to go right through the hull.

2014-11-30 10.09.30 2014-11-30 10.09.37

A little fettling was needed to adjust the curve of the packing cheeks, and some fresh canvas, delighted with the results, good old Jack !

Have also made a couple of flush fitting blanking screws to keep the water out of the threaded holes when sailing.


Whitworth threaded T bars.


A boat with legs !












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